Bella Gelateria


It is an honour to watch a customer taste our gelato as they become speechless. I look into their eyes and from that moment I know that no words need to be spoken.

It is a privilege to have learned to make gelato in Italy from individuals and schools who continue to give students a chance to become life missionaries. It is with this foundation of respect and knowledge, I stepped out into the new world with passion, energy and love. I feel blessed to make gelato and take people from happy to happier, truly an honour to represent Italy and make them proud with every flavour I make.

At Bella Gelateria, we believe in:

  • the slowfood movement born in Italy;

  • working with local farmer’s in a farm to gelato using the best in the world;

  • four season’s that give us food and ingredients that our bodies naturally crave;

  • the quest for quality come from a passion to be an artist;

  • giving people a choice between industrialized/artificial flavoured gelato and hand-crafted/artisan gelato.

I am a custodian of an old-world process, protecting it against the industrialized world. We must preserve the true art of gelato to respect the men and women before us and show the children of today how beautiful and healthy gelato can be. With every single breath of every single day we are blessed with.

Gelaterie Maestro James Coleridge
Bella Gelateria
Vancouver, BC

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