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We have built Bella Gelateria on a foundation of love and respect for Italy, our staff and our customers. Each of these parts make up the community that made Bella Gelateria and my success possible. I have always believe in ‘That without you, there is no us!” And it is with this attitude that we are honoured to be approached by so many great causes and amazing people who equally have passion in their journey.

To help us move forward in giving back the the very community who made us, I have dedicated my energy and efforts to causes which have touched my life. And it is out of respect for everyone that while we love causes, we direct ourselves to these groups:

Canadian Cancer Society

My best friend died 7 days after being diagnosed with cancer and while he suffered in pain for years, his own stubbornness denied me time to say goodbye in so many different ways. He was my Dad. So along with other members and friends impacted by this ugly disease I want to help where I can, when possible and use gelato, a sweet part of life to help.

Children’s Hospital

Children are a magical part of life and one day a friend of mine and I had a discussion one night and we shared the idea of gelato bringing a smile to a child. We brought our gelato to the sick children’s ward and the smiles that were hidden from pain, treatment melted away for a few of them. It was that moment that we decided to bring gelato to all the Children’s Hospital event and give away as much happiness as we good during our visits. While my friend has moved on in the pursuit of a corporate career outside of Canada, I continue to remember those smiles in the past and the new ones I try to find.

Canada Blood Services

People impacted by Cancer and children needing treatment, need blood. So we help by offering a free cup of gelato to those who donate blood on the slower days. Amazing how this has actually increased donations and participation giving the Blood bank much needed supply. Gelato can really work magic and it has proven it here.

Giving back to the very community that made us is an important part of our identity. No matter how big or how small a company is, giving back is a reflection of the very love that builds a business.

Thank you for allowing us to use our success and give back.

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